Terms & Conditions 

By accessing this website and any of our services you have agreed to be bound by the following terms of use.






  • Logo Design, branding (business cards, brochures, catalogs) banner design for yourself and your clients.
  • In printed form only (!) – greetings cards, invitations, calendars up to 550 print impressions of all designs created with one set. Only Etsy sellers are allowed to send greeting card designs for print by their customers, and only if the design is a customisable one (you customise it personally) and you flatten the final image (so it is NOT on a transparent background). For standalone shops (outside Etsy) where you sell stationery in digital form you have to purchase the Extended License.
  • Bloggers are allowed to use our graphics in their personal blog design and blog posts. The graphics must be re-sized (72dpi) and the artwork must be flattened (no transparent background). You cannot upload the clip art in its original size on your blog; When our images are used in blog posts, credit must be included: fleurpaperco.com/ Fleur Paper Co; If you are offering blog freebies designed with our images, you have to include the credit to us. Freebies can be desktop wallpapers, printables and designs which you created combining text and/or images in a creative way. We do not allow that you distribute freebies which consist solely of our clip art and nothing else.
  • Books and magazines in printed form only (!) (standard license applies up to 550 print impressions). If you sell books and magazines in a PDF form, iPad books & magazines, or using a reseller website (you are using a 3rd party platform to sell and print the book) you have to purchase the Extended License. You have to include credit fleurpaperco.com/ Fleur Paper Co, in a well visible place in the publication (both in print and digital).
  • If you want to use our graphics to design digital apps, you have to purchase the Extended License.

For personal use only (!)  – wall art such as posters, art prints, frames, any decoration for the wall for personal use only with the Standard License. For selling wall art, you have to purchase the Extended License.


  • You may not re-distribute the files in their original form. You are not allowed to sub-license, re-sell, lend, assign or gift our products. You cannot distribute or publish the product as is.
  • You may not license products which you designed with our graphics for wholesale before you contact us.
  • You may not create design templates, either on-line or off-line, including but not limited to website templates, blog templates, flash templates, business card templates, e-card templates and brochure design templates, without obtaining the Extended License.
  • You may not sell posters and art prints, wall decals, any kind of wall art designed with our images without obtaining the Extended License
  • You may not make iPhone cases, T-shirts, fabrics without obtaining the Extended License.
  • You may not sell products on reseller websites like Cafe Press, Zazzle, Snapfish, Spoonflower and alike.
  • Any resale of our graphics in digital form is strictly prohibited even if you have the Extended License.
  • You cannot imply or claim that you are the author of the artwork. If you use the images for editorial purposes (print, web or tv) you have to include the credit adjacent to the product: fleurpaperco.com/ Fleur Paper Co.
  • You may not print a work containing these images in excess of 550 times without obtaining an Extended License.



You have to purchase the license if you want to use our clip art to create and sell:

  • Art Prints
  • Templates like Photoshop templates for resale, Website templates etc
  • iPhone cases
  • T-shirts, clothes, bags, fabrics
  • Print and PDF publications, iPad books & magazines
  • Unlimited print impressions


Purchasing our Extended License in all cases where you expect the Standard License use will be exceeded is the best course of action. 

If you have any doubts about the use of our products, please contact us for more information.

We reserve the right to make changes to our Terms and License.